living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living

List of Jewelry Purchasers

I figure I should put up a list of those who have purchased
in a more prominent spot. These are the people I have made
orders for and have received payment from, with a few small
exceptions. I am waiting on a couple of cheques, but you’ve told me
they’ve been sent, so I’ve ordered for you. Also a couple of
orders came in after I ordered from the Puzzling Piece, I
should have enough pieces to mail out, if I borrow from the ones
that were donated and ours. Then I’ll reorder the pieces for
donation, since our gala isn’t until March where they will be
auctioned of to benefit Autism Services, unless you have specified
to have your piece donated to another parent.

Please verify that I have your order
correct, and notify me if I don’t.

Name: Necklace: KeyChain:
Avie F 1
Tammy H 2
Teri E 1 1
Cara H 1
Jen C 1 1
Rozanne W 1
Shaun G 5 Donate4
Katalin 1
Karina C 1
Lorry H 1
Mandi C DevFacto 10 Donate7 10 Donate7
Samer T 1 1
Carly G 1 1
Morgann H 2
Val T 2
Mandi R 1
Erin K 1
Connie T 4 3 Donate1
Angela R 1
Zoey O 1 1
Cindy R 1
Sarah 1 1
Jenn K 1 4
Jodelene W 1
Missy H 1
Kim J
1 4
Jill L 1
Lauren M 1
Penny H 1 Donate1
Alvina B 1
Barb K 1 1
Marianne B 1
Monica D 2
Angela R 1 1
Dayna 1
Tracy H 1
Us 1 2
Evelyne A 1
Heather C 1
Pam D 1
Cliff R 1
Robyn K 1
Vera R 1 Donate1 1
Konami M. 2 Donate2
41 57
Total 98

Only 22 more to go to change the life of another
family! I’m so excited! Tammy, Morgann, and Samer I don’t
have your address will you please send it to me?
erron.anderson(at) Monica, shall I send yours


Comments on: "List of Jewelry Purchasers" (1)

  1. No Erron, you can just donate the ones that I bought to Autism Services. It would be a shame for you to have to pay postage to Sweden now too! 🙂

    I hope you get those next 27!

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