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Those of you who know me, know I love to talk, get me on the phone and you’ll have to end the conversation because I won’t.  Gabbity gab gab. But right now I’m in front of my keyboard and I don’t know what to write.  I’m talking about the success of the iPad fundraiser from this post:

The post where I ask you for 20 bucks (don’t worry you get something)

I’ve said it to a few of you, Thank you seems much too small.  Yesterday we hit 60 people committed to purchase  in our fundraiser to earn an iPad for our family, Elijah specifically.

I almost didn’t do this challenge, I really didn’t. I wrote the blog post Sunday night and didn’t publish until Monday morning.  I didn’t want to get close and have to start begging people to please pony up.  It’s not my style.  But to hit 60 in one day?  Wow, no… WOW!  It is a testament to how wonderful nature of all those who purchased for our cause, but also to all those who RT’d, reposted, and blogged about our campaign.  I would say about 1/3 of the people in the comments in the post below I don’t know.  In fact, I got an email from someone saying: I saw this on Mike Hoovers Facebook.  I have no idea who Mike Hoover is, but some looking indicates that the girl buying is the friend, of a friend, of an acquaintance.  Next thing I know Kevin Bacon is going to be placing an order 😉  Mike thanks for reposting a stranger’s story.

I spoke with Melissa (from The Puzzling Piece) on the phone today and wowzers that woman has energy!  She is lovely when I told her we are at about 65 she say’s great you’re going for the second one!  What?  We can get a second one?!?  She says she’ll do it!  How amazing is that?  So if you haven’t purchased because you’ve seen that we have enough, don’t stop!  Please don’t stop.  If we can make 120 that second iPad is destined not for our house, but to another family.  You’ve been so good to me, I would love the opportunity to surprise a family in my community with this amazing gift.  I know a family with 3(!) kids on the spectrum, one completely non verbal, that I would love to bless.   And if they already have an iPad, I can think of two other autism families that I would love to surprise as well.  Keep me busy sending payment requests and reconciling my spread sheet!

My Blog had it’s busiest day yesterday with about 370 hits. And we are the first family to complete the requirements for an iPad!  The first ones!  Hey it doesn’t hurt that The Puzzling Piece is actually offering something genuinely gorgeous. Autism may affect 1 in 110 but your selfless acts have proven it can effect 1 in 1.  Those who give without thinking of themselves are the truly blessed.

By my count 27, 33 42 43 people have astounded us with orders for 63, 75 90 96  necklaces and keychains.

We’ve received payment for 11, 45, 49, 92 with many cheques in the mail I’m sure. Thank-you Jodelene, Sammer, Jenn, Zoey, Rozanne, DevFacto, Auntie Val, Jenn, Kim, Jill, Marianne, Barb, Angela, Tammy,Angela Ry,Evelyne,Tracy,Dayna,Evelyn, Penny, Alvina, Cindy, Shaun and Lindsay, Carly, Terri, Avie,  Jen C, Kaitlin, Morgann, Erin, Heather,Vera, Mom, Pam, Sarah, Lauren, Monica, Dayna, Tracy, Evelyn, Blaine, Cliff, Robyn and Cara for following through with your commitment.   I’m confident everyone will,and we are so lucky! (look for your name here when we receive your money)

Special thanks to Mandi and David of DevFacto for being our largest contributor, to Kelly of  Pulp Studios for sending the most people our way, and to Shaun and Lindsay of  Outright Life for doing the most promoting!

I will keep you all posted as to when I place the order, when it arrives, and when I ship it to you.

And though it’s not enough, Thank you again.  Please keep passing this forward, remember RT, repost, press this, email or write your own blog!

To help shore up that second ipad please see this post, as of January 23 we’re only 24 shy of changing another little ones life with the use of an iPad.


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  1. How fantastic! I truly think this speaks volumes to your enormous generosity being reflected back to you.

  2. WOW is right. This is truly amazing, the power of what people can do when they come together and rally around a cause.

    I will continue to re-tweet and will do a follow up blog personally so that we can see you reach the second iPad to donate to another family.

    Your generosity and caring nature to others will go a long way and it is so beautiful to see.

    Good luck on the other 57!

  3. Hi! WHAT A GREAT THING HERE! Mellissa at The Puzzling Piece sent me to your blog here for inspiration! I just saw the fundraising promotion on Age Of Autism, and emailed her right away! I need to raise the funds for 2 ipads, as we have 2 of our 3 kids with Autism! Like you, I almost didnt email her to get the full info, but I did, and I am so happy she sent me to read of the generousity of everyone who helped you reach your first goal for your Beautiful son. Like your son, my Ethan is verbal…well until he reaches anxious situations…then he becomes almost nonverbal …so the social stories and fine motor work are what would be great for Ethan…BUT for our Alex, he is non-verbal and even though we have started with an ipod touch for a communication device, his fine motor issues really hinder him, even when we choose the ‘larger’ tiles on his Proloquo2go speech program…our money is so very tight as any family with 3 young kids are these days…but especially for families like yours and ours and all of the other families with kids with Autism and other Special needs, who require special diets/biomedical treatments/etc…and who often have to pay for so much of the needed therapies that there isnt money left over to even try to save for a large item like an ipad!
    I thank you for sharing your story and being even MORE gracious and generous to continue raising/selling so that you can help kids in your area! I hope to do the same once our family goal is raised too!

    I dont have a lot of online presence, I have always said I wanted to start a blog but I havent really done that yet…and only am on FB here and there…And like you, I surely didnt want to sound like a begger/used car salesman, or *ask* for money, ya know, I mean everyone is having a similar rough time in the economy, right? Your story gives me hope and inspiration that we can finally give Alex the voice he so DESERVES and he so wants, and he so works hard for every minute of every day, and for Ethan and Alex to gain fine motor control so they can do so many things that the rest of us take for granted, like writing, or cutting, or anything using fingers/hands and eye/hand coordination…Oh, and the JOY it would be to have a library of social stories on hand and able for us to access anywhere, and even the boys to access whenever they wanted to review/refresh!

    I would appreciate some of your good thoughts and any prayers so maybe we could be as Blesses as you have been!

    I am SO happy and PROUD to share the products of The Puzzling Piece since not only is she always donating and fundraising for various Autism organizations, BUT she is now helping us families directly!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your story! I hope to have my very own success story to share soon too!

    Thanks for reading!
    PROUD Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

    ….off to try to write as eloquent an ‘intro’ to post on my FB page to my friends and family as you did!

    • Angie thank you for sharing your story. All our stories are different but they are at their essence the same. I hope and pray and wish you well at reaching your goal. I’m floored at the response to our request, absolutely astounded. As for an opening, go ahead an steal mine if you’d like, or take it’s general idea and re work it in your words for your request. You have my permission.

  4. […] is just a quick post to say you should read this post and this post. And if you want to give, please do. I support Erron because she is my friend. She is devoted to […]

  5. I’m not sure how your doing in your extended challenge Erron but i’d like to just leave one final challenge to everyone that reads this. For them to take their eyes off themselves for one minute and if you have it in your finances to give $20 dollars so that someone as selfless as Erron can give to another family that is so deserving of an iPad for their Autistic family.

    I know a lot of friends and some family have stepped up for the Andersons but there are a lot more friends and family members that could help out to this great cause. Pay it forward.

  6. Lezlie Winter said:

    My name is Lezlie Winter and I am Melissa’s mother-in-law and Max’s nana. Max is our first grandchild. His brother Sam was born three years later and he is a healthy little boy. Melissa started the Puzzling Piece to help as many children with Autism that she could. There is nothing selfish about her. The response to this challenge has renewed my faith in people. This is a hard time for people in general, but harder for those who have to deal with Autistic Children. There never seems to be a free moment to wind down from your day. The I Pad seems to give Melissa some time to take a shower and even to tend to the Puzzling Piece. I hope that she can help hundreds of children. I know she and her husband Brett would love to. I wish that all those who take the challange reach their goals.

    • Nanny I love your post!!! I think you should start a group for grandmas. How nice would it be if other grandparents had another friend to talk to about good ideas for the kids.
      I think this is the best part. “There never seems to be a free moment to wind down from your day. The I Pad seems to give Melissa some time to take a shower and even to tend to the Puzzling Piece. I hope that she can help hundreds of children. “I know I am not the only one walking in these shoes. Who has time to return a call just to say hi, or take a shower….

  7. This whole blog makes me want to cry, and in a good way. True enough, this is some karma coming back your way Erron. You know very well how you helped me through the single worst time of my life, and I only wish we had the money to buy Elijah twenty ipads. I’m confident that you’ll get that second one 🙂

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