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Making You Drool (hopefully)

We have pigs. Vlad has offered to come help with pig processing. -Vlad you’re still coming right?- We like bacon and ham.  What makes bacon and ham so good?  Curing.  Either by brineing or smoking.  Kyle’s birthday is on the 26th. I never know what to get him. – hang in there I’m going to piece this all together for you soon-  This year I decide I’m going to get him a smoker!! Practical -kyle’s all about practical-, and useful and it’s a nice luxury item, but we can use it to smoke hams and bacon and improve the product variety we can get out of our pork.  Kyle finds one half price and buys it.  I’m excited to have one, and to have paid less for it, but now I still need a birthday present…hmm any ideas folks?

But before you feel to badly for me -you were feeling badly about my lost present idea right?- look what I had for dinner tonight.


So last night we seasoned our smoker and spent some time deciding what we would try first? Fish? Pork chops? Someone said smoked hamburgers are good.  We had a pork tenderloin in our fridge waiting to be cut up and packaged into meal sized portions, in our second fridge, so since it was already, not frozen, we thought we’d do pork.  Kyle found a recipe for butterflied pork with dried fruit stuffing (prunes, pears and apricots) soaked in wine (also homemade) and thyme (well rosemary, but I substituted because I hate rosemary). Heading Tim Browns advice that things generally take longer that specified we set the timer and temperature for the high end of the recommendations, it came out dryish, but hey it was our first time.  So I made an apricot and date compote to go over it, with the pan drippings. We served it with home grown fried organic fingerling potatoes, and organic corn kernels.  The verdict, very, very good.  The improvements for next time – reduced cooking time and add some bread to the stuffing, as I found it too sweet, but for a first time I would say-  Success

DSC_0365 It looks like a bar fridge.

DSC_0360Look at all that room imagine the things we can smoke all at once.  We put the roast on the rack closest to the drip tray.

DSC_0359We couldn’t decide what type of wood chips to use, we have Apple, Mesquite and Maple, you could mix if you wanted, but we thought it best to try one at a time to learn about the flavors before mixing.  These are Apple Wood.


Insert the wood chips


Set the the Temperature and the Timer (8hours,190f this time)


Wait until the time has elapsed and insert a meat thermometer.  Looking good right?  I wish you could smell this, a smoker smells like delicious.


Slice to serve to serve to your family.




Comments on: "Making You Drool (hopefully)" (3)

  1. That looks awesome. I am drooling! We want to get one of those when we move to Kelowna. Think of all the stuff you can smoke!

  2. mmm…we are going to Chad sisters for dinner tonight and now I am hungry. That looks really good, what a nice meal!

  3. That looks soooooooooo delicious!!! It must feel so good to feed your children food that you know you can trust to be nothing but healthy for them.

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