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Since I lost tonight’s blog post, and since my reply to Shaun is quite long and really could use some formatting I’m going to post it as it’s own entry, so in order for this post to make sense please read this one What If It’s Not , and in the interest of keeping you from having to flip between this post and What If It’s Not I’ll paste the comment stream between Shaun and myself here.

S: I’m curious as well, those are drastic changes. So what’s changed in the world to cause more Autism? Is that rate continuing?

E: Shaun huge drastic changes indeed, sadly yes the rates are increasing. What’s changed, what causes it, well depends on who you ask. Some say better diagnosis. Can’t be the the cause if you ask me, there’s no way we had just as many developmentally delayed kids and no one noticed. Some of the other reasons include: Food additives, diet changes, (dare I say) Vaccinations, pollution and exposure to toxic elements, poor prenatal care, labour inductions (and a new paper implicates epidurals), genetic predisposition, leaky gut, yeast over growth in the gut, an inability to absorb nutrients, perhaps poor hypothalamus regulation of hormones, and many more I’m sure I’m forgetting, I haven’t heard of yet, or haven’t been discovered.

S: That’s quite interesting yet scary at the same time. However I think part of it HAS to be diagnosis. Medical advances since the 50′s have been huge and we are able to detect more things earlier and easier now then ever before. Yet some things still go undiscovered.

I would also guess the environment has a HUGE part to play. There have been drastic changes in the environment since the 50′s as well and that cannot be overlooked.

Also one thing from my experiences is that there are different levels of autism, correct me if I’m wrong Erron. Cause if it’s 1 in 80 boys then we have A LOT of the population with Autism then.

So many things going on these days with newly born kids, it’s quite scary.

Now, honestly, I wanted to sort of shy away from the the causes of Autism topic, as it’s as rife with controversy as whether you can make a living with Amway Global 😉  But I’ll give some information and if you’re not happy with it spend some time looking over the information out there and come to your own conclusion.  There are alarmists, and naysayers a plenty touting their truths, ha ha you could say it has it’s own spectrum. I like to think I’m fairly intelligent about it all, perhaps a bit fringe.  Please no personal attacks about what I believe.

So in response to Shaun’s last comment:

You know some of it will be diagnosis, but not what you think it would, not the way the stats are rising.    At the risk of seeming crass, if the same level of autism existed then, as it does now we would have been wondering why are so many of our kids are dim, unruly, and so naughty. There’s an article from 2009 using California (as state that’s seen big Autism increases) as an example of increased diagnosis not contributing a significant amount to their rate increases. They focus mostly on environmental causational factors.  I think it’s more complex for most kids.

Also, a shift in doctors diagnosing milder cases explains another 56% increase. And changes in state reporting of the disorder could account for around a 120% increase.

Combined, Hertz-Picciotto said those factors “don’t get us close” to the 600% to 700% increase in diagnosed cases.

click text to read the full article

I think like anything else that’s scary, it’s easier to believe were doing a better job of finding what was already there than acknowledging that our kids are facing elevated risks of developing Autism.  We have to make better decisions about pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, infant and childcare, not just in the face of autism, but also the myriad of other neurological and immunological deficiencies.  Parents need to stop blindly believing what they are told, and find out for themselves. We provide the environment that our kids live in through our actions and our decisions.

You’re right Autism affects kids at different levels; it’s called a spectrum disorder meaning you can be at the low end, or the extreme end.  Are kids with mild Auti symptoms better off than those with severe ones, of course, but they still don’t get the same breaks or opportunities at life experience as those who are “normal”.

You said

Cause if it’s 1 in 80 boys then we have A LOT of the population with Autism then

Your right we do, I know it’s difficult to believe.  From the CDC article on prevalence: In 2006, on average, approximately 1% or one child in every 110 in the 11 ADDM sites was classified as having an ASD (approximate range: 1:80–1:240 children [males: 1:70; females: 1:315]) you can read the whole thing, if you want,  though I don’t blame you if you don’t, it’s kinda dry 🙂   So I guess I was wrong it’s not 1 in 80 for boys, it’s 1 in 70 and that was 4 years ago now.

again click the text to read the full article
ASD is Autism Spectrum Disorder

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  1. Hey Erron, thanks a lot for the information. I guess with everything there is so many different sides to it, however with any thing I would tend to trust more coming from someone who has lived through it or who is going through something that has quite staggering stats.

    I have one question, what would you do differently in your pregnancy if you were to have another kid knowing the stuff you’ve come across or what did you do differently with Natalia and Mica?

  2. […] What I’m referring to is Erron’s blog entry called “What if it’s Not” and “In Reply” which is a reply to some of my comments on her blog around Autism and what causes it.  […]

  3. Hi! I was almost finished writing a little FYI reply to this about how the original autism/vaccinations study was retracted by the journal that published it and how the medical community widely agrees that the two are not connected. A purely medical discussion, nothing trying to be rude or anything, just trying to pass on some information. And the i realized, my comment would really do nothing for you. Regardless of the cause, you have to live with that. I feel stupid and unsympathetic that my immediate response was to pump out something scientific. Really, that’s not really real for you. What’s real is that it’s in your life and the cause is irrelevant for you now. All that matters is what comes next and everything you do in day to day life to deal with this diagnosis. So I’d like to apologize for my lack of compassion in my immediate response. I’d also like to thank you for helpingme realize this and putting in all the effort you do with your children. I see the pain you face because of this diagnosis and you would not feel this pain if you were not an amazing, caring and compassionate mother. I can’t imagine what it’s like, I don’t even have a pet that I take care of. But from your blog u can get a glimpse of what parenting is like and how much you really love your children in all that you do for them. I hope to someday be so selfless.
    So in a strange way, thank you for treating your children the way you do, in spite of how much I’m sure you like to wonder “why me?”. I think that just how’s even more what a perfect fit you and Kyle are for Elijah and all your kids.

    I hope this came out sounding grateful and praising as that is how it was meant. I know it’s easy for me to say these things looking in from the outside, but I how on good days, you cab look in the mirror and say to yourself “yes, Erron, you do a good job”. I hope this all sounded nice, it was meant to.

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