living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living


This is it, this grey (or is it gray) four way piece of track.  There was a time that I wanted to take this piece of track melt it in the oven until it no longer had any recognizable shape, break it into bits and bits and bury it in a deep, deep hole the backyard.  Ask me how I really felt about this piece.  Why didn’t I get rid of it?  Well that’s my crazy; it belonged to a set.  I sometimes worry that if I don’t keep myself in check I could end up on a show like horders, but that’s another post, tonight it’s about this piece.

The other day we spent a lot of time in the playroom tidying it up and creating a space for the kids to do some constructive play.  I think having a clean floor is like having a blank canvas; you can pull out any toy, even one as immense as our Geotracks set, that we spent several ChristmDSC_0313as’s and birthdays building up, and be able to play with it without worry there’s not enough room.  If you’ve never seen our playroom, it’s in our attic which has been converted into living space, it’s huge, the biggest room in our house.   In this picture what you can’t see is a space about equal in size behind me, the two book shelves with bins of toys a corner library with two full bookcases, the play kitchen, two dressers, an arm chair and a kids table set are unseen.  We are very lucky, and we know it, this is a gift to our children’s childhood.

Jenny McCarthy has a saying that some days Autism kicks her butt, and while not a huge Jenny fan, I think she’s done some serious good for promoting Autism awareness, and I’m also a fan of her saying.  I’ve not only had my butt kicked, but I’ve had my ass kicked only to be laying on the ground with nothing more to give and still take toe kicks to the ribs.  We’ve had some bad days.  Geotracks have been at the heart of some of those days.  It’s one of Elijah’s favorite toys (mine too), but he can be so rigid, so unwilling to compromise, so wrapped up in disappointment when pieces won’t fit in an impossible configuration, if his favorite figurine is missing, or if the batteries run out, that we’ve had to put it away before we’re done because of tantrums, flying pieces, hitting or biting.

So when Kyle told me Eli was upstairs playing with his train I thought great it’s been a a while since we pulled those out and then I thought great there’s a reason for that. ugh. and Kyle was about to head out to work and leave me to hold my breath that today it might be okay.

“He’s got three pieces put together and one of them is the grey piece”

‘What? The grey piece? Really?” apprehension take over now.

“Yeah and he’s okay with it”

You see the grey piece was never allowed to be part of the track, if you put the grey piece in he would rip it out shouting, “no, no, no!” even if the track needed that piece to remain in it’s configuration, it had to come out, and the pieces would need to be reworked, that is – if he would let you, sometimes the argument would be to keep the tracks the same, but not use that piece, and they had to join, even if that was impossible.  We’re not sure what the problem was with the piece, whether it was to only crossroads we had, the only piece that was grey, or the fact that it didn’t come with a box of track pieces, but rather as part of and accessory pack with stop signals and crossing arms. The problem is it may not have been any of those things, but be somehow caught up in Elijah’s complex set of rules that have no real reason other than it can’t. The other problem that would arise is that Elijah had to use all the pieces, if you made a track and left some out, they had to be worked in. This can be super frustrating when the track is done and he finds one curved piece, all the spacing would have to be reworked, therefore you had to build with a lot of forethought.

But today the track was built with the grey piece. And further more CHECK THIS OUT!

DSC_0316 DSC_0317

EXTRA PIECES!! And the the track is done!

Oh and on an unrelated side note:

Check out my insanely strong (and cute) baby playing alongside us all, he holds that push up pose for seconds at a time, over and over.  Crazy, eh?

DSC_0319 DSC_0321


Comments on: "Huge insurmountable obstacle………Conquered!" (3)

  1. How awesome that he’s become so much more flexible! Is this a result of therapy do you think, or just getting older?

    And holy cute baby. I want to nibble those cheeks. How can he smile so big?!

  2. Looks like he’s doing push-ups in the corner. Getting ready to be stronger then all the other kids! 🙂

    You have some pretty amazing kids Erron!

  3. Good lord! That kid is going to have pipes of steel before he’s 2! 🙂

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