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Wii Wii Wii

So it was a rainy day today, and I thought it would be nice if the kids stopped whapping each other as they fought over who got to play the one leapster we have.  E&P both had one, but one conked out and Ky couldn’t fix it.  So I thought maybe we could go to the store and get them DS’s.

Now this is a biggish leap.  I’m pretty anti video game.  I’d rather my kids learned from life and experienced things in 3D, here in this world.  But on rainy days it might be nice to have a break from the whapping, and have them snuggle into their own corners engrossed in their own game.

I checked Kijiji and there were none.  When I called Kyle to check that he was okay with this decision I met with Kyle’s own brand of resistance.  Complete verbal shut down

Me:  I thought I’d take the kids into the city to get DS’s


Me: Are you okay with that? ( I can already tell it’s no)

K:…………………………….(I’m annoyed, I’m pretty sure he’s still on the line, but maybe not?)…. Why not a Wii?

I go on to say I thought of it, but I wanted them to have something that wasn’t going to drive me crazy, mostly I wanted them to have their own and save myself the taking turns arguments.  We talk some more and decide to get a Wii.  We find one on Kijiji for a good price with 5 kid friendly games and one T rated game, with 2 guitars, 2 controls, one nunchuck (or is it numchuck?) and 2 steering wheels.

After dragging Kyles car home the kids are pumped, and it’s painful to be in the same room with three very impatient kids while Ky get’s it hooked up.

It’s fun and all, but let me tell you the turn taking point I made earlier was way more valid than even I imagined. The whining and crying while one had to wait, while the others played almost made it so agonizing that I wanted to smash the thing and call it a bad experiment.   I’m not even sure the enjoyment they got while playing was equal to their writhing while not.  If one more kid complained I was going to use that nunchuck martial arts style.

Watching their learning curve while they figured out how to play games, over correcting and jerking the controller, meant I was either going to throw up from motion sickness, or go into epileptic seizing.

In the end they found the easiest games and we tried to stick to those.  I know they think it’s great, and they all thanked us, and were genuinely grateful.   They likely can’t even remember the whining they just think it was a fun day where they got something new.

Good thing Kyle’s home tomorrow to help me police it.


Comments on: "Wii Wii Wii" (3)

  1. Wait until the smack talking begins.

    Oh wait…no…I’m not around to teach them such ‘valuable’ skills. 🙂

  2. haha. I think the Wii has it’s place or for that matter video games in a very controlled way. I think what you guys are doing is great as long as its not a babysitters tool. Not saying you guys would ever do that just a lot of parents do and I think that’s wrong.

    We had a Nintendo when growing up and usually only played it once in awhile during crappy days outside. We were always outside playing hockey so it never really mattered, really it collected dust most days.

  3. This sounds waaaay too much like how Wii time goes at our house. In the winter every now and then I’ll pull it out so we can spend an afternoon playing and I think it always ends with me not being able to handle the bickering anymore. If you figure out how to get them to cooperate let me know!

    On the topic of video games, I know there’s a part of me that’s always kind of in awe of families who don’t have any screen times but on the other hand I don’t like the idea of totally writing off the benefits of things like TV and video games. I don’t like the idea of having tons of screen time either though since I think it blocks off space for imaginative play.

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