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Blogging up my knitting

This is likely to be the post you skip over, but justa a sec.  Let me try to keep you engaged.  I know, I know your grandma knits, slippers made out of plastic wool that will out live the nuclear holocaust, or your aunt crocheted doilies with Zellers brand discount yarn. 

Blogging for thirty day in a row takes up the precious few hours I get at night.  Because it’s summer the kids hardly go to bed on time and there’s not enough time to write and knit. 

Knitting is just the right amount of challenge the brain pattern interpretation/modification/creation and repetitive mindless activity that I need.  The kids sleep and I work at something I love to to. And when I’m done I have a tangible end product.  Now knitting isn’t just tacky sweaters and toilet paper covers.  I make beautiful things.  I love making them for my kids and friends as gifts. There’s something slightly narcissistic about being a knitter.  I do it because I love to, not for compliments, but everyone loves to hear that they are good at something, so it’s deeply satisfying

on that level too

I’m missing my knitting.



Comments on: "Blogging up my knitting" (2)

  1. I used to know how to couchette, way way back when I was a young lad. I could make the longest scarves you ever did see! I never could get fancy like you did.

  2. Those are pretty spectacular! I can knit and crochet but just basic things. I have never learned how to really follow a pattern. As a kid though i wore some nice knitted things my neighbor lady made..she was awesome too.

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