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Funny thing about today…peaches.  I sent Ky an email with a grocery list, on it I asked for nectarines, I prefer peaches, but the kids can be fussy about the fuzz, plus my Babby preferred nectarines, so it seemed like the right choice even if I was being nostalgic.  Kyle brought home organic peaches because they were less that half the price of organic nectarines.

Peaches make me think of Katie.  Not because of their sweetness and softness, though that too is an appropriate fit.  I found out I was pregnant the summer of 2003.  In late August we were at the farmers market and picked up some B.C. peaches that were so ripe and juicy that the skins just slid right off.  I suffered with terrible morning sickness all the way through my pregnancy, but peaches seemed to calm my tummy, and they never came rushing back up through my nose, and so a love of peaches was born there.  Now a canned peach is hardly a peach, only fresh peaches will do.

He bought four peaches. I cut of a slice off one for Micah to chew on.  That kid is way more food ready than any of our other kids were at his age.  He gets right upset if he sees you eating something that you are unwilling to share, plus he’s super grabby.  We don’t serve our kids jarred food, I think it’s gross, and we don’t puree either, though we did puree with E&P, we let Tal and Micah chew on things.   Then I cut another wedge and mashed it into his oatmeal (yes I realize this is a mushy food, but your oatmeal is mushy too), and the verdict is that he loves peaches too. Elijah demonstrated his love of peaches by stealthy swiping the rest of the peach from the counter, and tossing the pit on the living room floor leaving me to wonder where the peach went a few minutes later.  Two more went into a cobbler which was inspired from Kim‘s post yesterday, Petra’s delight.  Leaving me with one peach that’s going to need a day or two to soften up.  I was a bit sad to think, only one Katie peach left.

So imagine my delight, at divine intervention, when my friend Lindsay called today and through our chatting told me she was off to the farmers market tomorrow, and hey would I like to split a box of peaches with her?

So I’m off to the market to pick up 30lbs of peaches (one and a half cases) tomorrow, so I can make preserves (hey, maybe I’ll like my own canned peaches).  So tomorrow I’ll think of Kate, and you can bet someday in December I’ll pop the top of a Mason jar and I’ll think of you sweet baby.


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