living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living

Sometimes Trees Fall

…and ornaments that hold sentimental value are left shattered on the floor broken into too many pieces to be repaired. Our tree just fell. We spent the day decorating it as a family affair, and now it looks just terrible. This tree hasn’t been with out it’s problems from the beginning. As a special bit of advice: if you think maybe you should guy wire the tree then you should. Looking at the broken glass on the floor got me to thinking about life’s tragedies, the things that we really have little, or no control over. I was thinking about why those ornaments meant so much to me, what joy those ornaments represented, and about what tragedies I’ve suffered, and in the end, even though those pieces are irreplaceable, broken ornaments are not one of life’s tragedies, even if I did cry over them.


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