living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living

Whew 4 days without posting?  Not that I’m apologizing 🙂 Basically if I’m having a really good time,  I’m not blogging, I’m enjoying life too much, or I’m sick.  This was supposed to go up yesterday, but if you follow both Kyle and I’s blogs you know I had a vomiting migraine yesterday, and after an attempt to post I finally surcame to the glare of the monitor, and decided I couldn’t finish this post, or even edit what I had, so here it is today.

This past weekend we went to Alberta for my Nephews birthday.  We were to head to Sylvan Lake on Friday, but things came up, and it seemed best logistically to stay in Edmonton Friday, and drive to SL on Saturday. Well in the end things fell though, and we ended up staying in Edmonton anyway.  Which was good because with a bunch of kids you never get out of the house on time.  James and Janine, very last minute, put us up.  We arrived late, and then stayed up very late talking.  Not really catching up though,  just talking laughing, and going on as though we just saw each other the other day.  The best thing about good friends is that even after a long time, you can just pick up where you last left off.  I love reconnecting friendships, because the foundation is already there, you already know you like each other, you know which topics to avoid, and you don’t have to spend ages discovering what you have in common, trying to find the things that may glue your friendship together.

Saturday we spent the day in SL for the birthday, and headed back to Edmonton that night so we could spend some time shopping and visiting with the Mellings the next day.  We missed them so much, but life has been very busy for Kelly, and since he is very bad at staying connected, we worried that things might be awkward, perhaps even that they were ready to let the friendship go.  But it took next to no time at all, minutes maybe, to feel that same sense of picking up where we last left off.  Sure they have a baby now, and they hadn’t seen Natalia, but it was like we never left, as though those two years melted away, and the ties that bind where all that was left.  We found ourselves pushing back our departure time waiting until the last possible minute to leave.

There are friendships that haven’t faired the two years so well, but generally they didn’t have the history that others have.  Some good friends seem more the Christmas card type friends, that the  call when I’m in town type.

I know I have good friends in Chicago that will easily fit in the same category, as good friends here.  I know when I visit next year I’ll have places to stay, and conversations long into the night that will be less about catching up, and more about picking up where we last left off.


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  1. “continuing where we left off”, that’s so true erron. It really did just feel like we hadn’t seen each other in a month or two… except your children were much older and we all of a sudden had a child of our own. But other than that, it really was like our families had never been apart.

    Somtimes friendships are like that. Those are good friendships.

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