living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living

Since moving home.  I find myself checking my computer way more often than I need to.  You see when I lived in Chicago (and yes I miss it so) I had all sorts of reasons to check the internet.  Some of my favorite stores would send me coupons, those store aren’t in Canada, and if they are, they’re not in Saskatoon.  Museums and Aquariums sent me upcoming events, and Open Table kept me informed about new restaurants, even if we hardly ever dinned out.  My MOPS group sent me info on upcoming meetings, and individual Moppers would send out emails to evening events, or weekend playdates.  More of my friends used email as a quick unobtrusive way of communicating.

And then there was Amazon.  I knew I was going to miss Amazon.  I did a lot of Amazon shopping,  no looking through the store to find the item you need, free shipping, and they had nearly anything you could need, from environmentally friendly cleaners, clothes, books, toys, to a terrific selection of GFCF foods.  And shipping was super fast generally 4 days from order to my doorstep, yes right to my door, often less, in November and December items came the next day.

I often open my browser check on Facebook, read yesterdays blogs (which thankfully are plenty) and then check my Gmail.  Seems nothing is going on these days.  And many of the sites I used to waste my time on I don’t bother with anymore, shipping to Canada is unavailable, or prohibitavly expensive, not to mention the duty I must pay once it arrives to my post office for me to pick up. Plus waiting weeks for a package is not worth it.   I just paid 27.00 dollars to have an Elmo doll sent from Fisher Price, because it was unavailable in Sakatoon or canadian websites.  The doll was 39.99!

What to do when one has nothing to do. Blog.


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