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As if my day hasn’t been going swimmingly as it is.   This afternoon I get the notion that I may have an UTI.  Normally I would wait and see if I still felt this way tomorrow, but I’m pregnant, and it’s one of those things in pregnancy they warn you to be careful of.  Now not only am I annoyed by the UTI, but also by the fact that I don’t have a family doctor, so I’ll have to find some doctor taking patients today, and I’m also annoyed because my health card hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m going to have to pay for the appointment.  Actually I tried to call to see if the number has been issued, and to get it orally over the phone, but when I called, after going through the automated menu, I get the “our call center hours are 8am to 4:30 pm” message.  A quick glance at the clock reveals that it is in fact 4:34.  Grrr…  But before I head out to the doctors or even  look for one, I call the Midwifery clinic where I’ve registered to be a patient, but am still waiting for them to call me to set up my first appointment.  I figure if I tell them I’m waiting for an appointment, and that we’ve just moved and have no family doctor they might see me.  No.

So I find a clinic, explain I have no health care, and then see the doctor, who asks how pregnant I am.  Now I’m not really sure, so I say around  10-11 weeks.  He then goes on to when the date of my last period was, and starts to do some strange calculating out loud, using his fingers to count the weeks.  None of this has any bearing on whether I have a UTI or not.  Sure it matters that I’m pregnant, but really does the dating need to be precise, to the day? At the end he informs me I’m more like 11-12 weeks than 10-11. Thanks?! Just dip my pee already and write me a script.

Done, I go out to the reception to pay, and they inform me they don’t take debit or credit.  I have no cheques yet from our new bank, and they were closing, so I couldn’t run out and come back with payment.  Now I have to go in tomorrow to pay for the appointment that has been a headache since the beginning.  ANNOYING!


Comments on: "Annoyed" (2)

  1. lulukonrath said:

    I’ve got a uti right now too! 🙂

  2. You poor dear! What an annoying day!

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