living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living

There’s something I’ve learned about apologies.  Make them sincere, and if you can’t make it truly  sincere, but the apology must be said, make sure it’s for a good reason.  There’s nothing as obnoxious to me, as an insincere apology, or an apology for something not meriting of an apology.  Make apologies true and meaningful, from your heart, overcome the organs shaking inside when you have to make an apology for a big blunder, and humble yourself, and pray like heck your apology is accepted.  And for goodness sake people, if you accept an apology stop using the incident in future arguments, or as an example later.  You may never forget it, but learn to be gracious, and remember it to yourself!  Now I’ve gone on to far about apologies, and suddenly it seems I’ve make more of it than I wanted this post to be about.

The apologies I’m trying to get around to are blog challenge posts.  Are you trying to blog all thirty days in a row to say you did/can?  Or did you take this on to improve your blog, er… excuse me, awsome-ify your blog?  If it’s about completing thirty days in a row then by all means don’t continue to spit out blogs less than the 150 words then grumble about it, or let us know that today’s blog sucks because it’s filler.  If you insist on completing the thirty days because it’s in your character to finish what you started, or you’d feel you failed if you didn’t complete all thirty posts( I get it I can be competitive,or proud,or just plain committed too), go ahead, just stop apologizing for your posts, or leaving us with little notes like: You go ahead and check if that’s 150 words.

I don’t care if you miss a day, I also don’t care if I miss a day.  I would much rather read something interesting or meaningful to you the next day than what ever you came up with 15 mins before bed because you had to.  If you feel the need to apologize for the crap content, or that you feel it’s not worth reading then, by all means, don’t waste your time writing it.

And while we’re (I’m) at it here.  Stop apologizing for not blogging!  If you had nothing to say, you got to busy, something important happened that day, or you were so tired you felt like throwing up, so you decided bed won (this one’s my excuse in case you couldn’t read between the lines), then you had nothing to offer that day.  So what.  Make it up the next day, or don’t make it up at all.

In this world we are too appologitic for the things that don’t matter much in the long run,  because those appologies are easily said, and we’re not nearly appologitic enough when we really need to be, because it’s so damn intimidating, it makes us vulnerable, and proves we were really wrong or hurtful.


Comments on: "I’m sorry, no i’m not, and neither should you be." (2)

  1. Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself

  2. Sorry, Erron. I didn’t know you felt this way.


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