living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living

Truthfully going out to dinner is a super rare occurrance for us.  It’s expensive, and we have to warn the kids in advance that they have to be good, and it often backfires.  Really if it’s a special occasion for the most part we’ll eat better food if we just stay at home.  Even when we lived in Chicago we never went to a 5 star restaurant, we can’t afford to drop 400 bucks on a meal for two with wine. We fit in the 100 bucks for two on a really special occasion category.  And now if we want to go out, just the two of us, we’re looking at paying a sitter 10 bucks an hour.  It simply makes better sense to stay in.

Kyle tried to do a nice thing and take our whole family out for dinner on our anniversary.  It was stressful, the kids were not at the top of their behavior, and in the end we left before I finished my meal.

When there’s reason, when I take the time to think it though, and prepare, I would say I am an excellent cook.  I love to watch food network, and I can improvise a good dish when in the mood, with the best of  you.

It’s the everyday meals that can be the hardest to find the enthusiasm for.  Finding something that is easy enough to prepare with three kids underfoot at the witching hour, something nutritious, and something that all my littles will put in their mouths, is exhausting.

In the end, we end up in little ruts where we have a five meal rotation, we wait until the last minute to start dinner, limiting our options, and then we generally settle on something uninspired that we likely already ate in the last week.

Every now and then, Kyle and I, will go through a good foodie stage where we do some of out best kitchen work, and I wonder why we were ever in a rut in the first place, and then somehow it sneaks up on us, and I start wondering when out next good food stage will be.

I can’t wait to get into my new kitchen, it was designed, with food prep in mind, you work clockwise from the fridge and pantry, to the prep sink, prep area, cooking area, staging area, clean up sink, and finally the dishwasher.  I feel a strong foodie stage about to start when we move in, but I’d be kidding myself if I thought we’d never have another stretch the left overs by also offering cereal type dinners, again.


Comments on: "I like to cook, I just hate making dinner" (1)

  1. christine said:

    I feel your pain. We have eaten more pasta in the past two months than any human should eat in a year! I love to cook and eat good food – but dinner prep time is the worst time of day.
    Miss you!

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