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Past me, meet future me

Kyle touched on it a bit in his 11 post.  There was a time I thought I couldn’t afford good food, in fact I kinda disliked all those natural organic people for trying to trick me in to paying way too much.  Though really, I just felt bad, because I couldn’t afford organic food.  Kyle’s tight with a penny and convincing him to pay more is hard! We really did buy what was the least expensive.  None of it out of season, none of it organic, all of it cheap.

Getting Kyle to go Gluten Free Casein Free was tough, eventually I said I was gonna do it, that I just had to know I tried everything.  Well when Elijah’s first sentence was “Wait Daddy I need a hug”, as Kyle was saying good night, meant that I no longer had to convince him. He believed.  Reading about how autistic kids are sensitive to many things that we just adapt to, I started shopping organic.

Our grocery bill took a steep dive upwards.  But I didn’t regret it for a minute.  We’re all eating GFCF meals, we lack for nearly nothing at all.  About 80% of what we buy is organic, I don’t even compare prices to non-organic anymore. With some products it’s GF or organic, and GF always wins, or sometimes there’s no organic option at that store (there’s not an organic option for everything).  And we seriously all feel better for it.  Sure much of it is because we eat hardly any processed foods anymore, but going organic was one of the most economical decisions we ever made. We’re healthier, we make good food choices, a lot of it tastes better, we enjoy our food now, and when we decided to go food dye free it was hardly any work.  If your product is natural organic there’s no way you’d alienate your clients by adding artificial colours.

I wish the new me could go back and tell the old me how much better I would would feel if I decided to make food a priority.  That in buying with what we started with, instead of what was left, would have made a huge difference.

Living on just Kyle’s income meant that we needed to cut back other places, our grocery bill over doubled, but those sacrifices are easy to take when you feel better all around. Even Kyle buys organic now, even when he shops by himself, that’s impressive, it means it’s worth it to him too, and if it’s worth it to Kyle (the guy who once ate an all egg yolk scrambler, so they wouldn’t go to waste when I made an angel food cake) then that’s something tangible.

And it’s not just food, if you feel worn out after a day of cleaning the house, try switching to plant based cleaners. Get rid of caustic bathroom cleaners and automatic dishwasher detergent with chlorine, at the very least and feel better.  Some of why you’re feeling bad after a big clean is because you just coated yourself in chemicals.

So future me (the healthnut, hippy, environmentalist) is telling you make changes, you’re worth it. Eat healthy, live healthy, feel and be happy.


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  1. Can you guys eat Kamute pasta? I love it! Much better than regular pasta

    • Kamut has lower gluten, but it isn’t gluten free. We usually eat different types of rice pasta or corn pasta. We’ve tried some made from amaranth but the kind we got fell apart into pieces the size of chicken noodle soup noodles which isn’t great for spaghetti.

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