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It comes back two fold

I think there’s a Buddhist principal that kindness comes back two fold.  I think I’m in the mists of experiencing such a cosmic event.  We lost money on our house in Chicago, and for the sake of not trying to tip toe around the tackiness of talking money, and still trying to convey a sense of just what we lost I just gonna tell you ok?  We bought our house for 187k and sold for 130k less than two years later.  The move to Chicago cost 7k out of pocket, and the move to Saskatoon is going to be just about 2k out of pocket for us.  When considering the move to Saskatoon, and it’s costs, we sold for a fraction of the price, or gave away many of our things in Chicago to lower our moving cost.  Considering the move  to Chicago, and the first years property tax ate up 25% of Kyles gross income, it was tight.  So taking further losses was hard for us.

Most of you know we had our eye on the Farmhouse for a couple of months.  The house had already moved down from 475 k to 450k when we were looking at it. That price was right at the very top of our mortgage budget.  How lucky we were to have the price drop another 50k 4 days before we went to see it.  Why no one jumped on that house at the the other prices is beyond me.  The inspection came out exceptionally clean for a house that’s 100 years old.  We may or may not have to replace the old boiler and septic system in the next ten years.  With that kind of price reduction we nearly made up our losses.

But the topper is they offered to have us come and take a look at the stuff they were not taking with them, to see if there was anything we’d like to keep.  When we got there she told us pick out what we want, then they’d have a charity pick though the rest, and then they would call 1800 junk for the rest.  I told her that I would gladly take what was left and not to bother with the junk people, so they would have to pay for that.  Well then she just went and said:

“Well why don’t I just cancel the other lady and you can have it all.”

I was stunned and didn’t want to seem greedy, or take from a charity, and told her so.

“Don’t be silly we’d rather you had it than strangers (wasn’t I nearly a stranger?).” She said

Just to be clear, they’re taking only whats going to fit in their RV and then they plan to down size to a tiny house.  These people also took very good care of their belongings and most of it is solid wood, and suits the decor of the house fantastically.  She’s also leaving trinkets, vases, glassware, and china.  Now, I am going to have to sort though quite a bit and get rid of some of it but, WOW.  The house is a big 3000 sq feet and we figured we’d take a few years to furnish it, and now that’s nearly taken care of for us.  The Hoff’s essentially sold us their house furnished, and asked for no more money to exchange hands.

They are some of the nicest people we ever met. Mr. Hoff showed Kyle around told him how to work the water purifier, prime the well, showed him where all the outdoor spigots are, and and such.  Mrs. Hoff entertained the kids and I with tea, and didn’t mind the kids running around like maniacs.  Best of all they live organically, so they did green renovations, and used no toxic cleaners, or fertilizers.  I don’t have to worry about how Elijah is going to adjust to living in that house , it’s already clear of the things that make him crazy.  They had the kitchen completely redone, and had the asbestos removed from an ancient boiler in the basement, among other things, all at a cost of thousands to them that they did not make up on the sale of the house.  But they are not bitter, or indifferent, instead they passed on thousands to us in further generosity.

Mrs. Hoff said:

“When we were just starting out in Alberta. We bought a house from an older couple who were just as generous to us, and we’ve always wanted to be able to pass it on, besides this house is finally coming alive, it just needed children.”  I could have cried.

What did I ever do to the the benefator of such kindness.  In life it’s important to look at the whole, and not just it’s parts because some how it all balances out. Not that the bad and the hard,  are not just that, bad and hard, but the good can be so GOOD.


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  1. Wow…does the entire house get as much sunlight as the rooms you shot there (not counting the basement of course)? Really nice.

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