living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living


So yeah, I missed yesterday, but it no problem as far as I’m concerned.  We’ve arrived to visit family that I haven’t seen in 2  years, so…. I didn’t blog.  It’s a challenge, not a contest. Liam isn’t mailing out a free trip to Disneyland to all those who win.  So if you’re fiercely competitive (kyle) yeah I lose, but really just being here is a prize.

But what I really want to blog about starts off something like this…

What is it about certain food tasting better in certain places, donuts at the fair, popcorn at the theater, toast at my Babby’s (grand mothers).  I rarely have toast at home, but at Babby’s it’s always perfectly toasted, buttered and spread with jam or creamed honey, and tastes just like love.  My Babby is a special person, one of those people who only knows how to love, who finds a way to tell you how special you are over and over in a day without it seeming contrived, or overbearing.  You can’t help but love her even if you’ve just met her. And she makes some wicked good toast, over the years the bread has gone from homemade, to bakery, to store bought, the butters and jams have varied, and a few toasters have called the roll away cupboard home, but the finished product has remained remarkably consistent.

And if her toast is amazing enough to blog about, don’t even get me started on her cabbage rolls and perogys.  Oh man… those are something.


Comments on: "Toast" (2)

  1. Why do I get the feeling that your “just starting to show” bump is going to be a whole lot bigger by the time you get home? 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re having such a great visit!

  2. […] In the last blog challenge she makes an appearance in my entry entitled Toast […]

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