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Force fed

My kids drive me crazy, and not just any kind of crazy. CraZY!

Lately Petra has taken to eating so slowly and so little, that my sister as a child was a champion eater next to her.  It all starts with the consumption of her beverage.  I’ve started to give her the smallest drink possible.  She sips (if you can even call it that) at the cup taking in less them mouse sized sips each time pausing in between holding the cup to her face the whole time.  When she finally finishes her drink the rest of us are generally done eating.  She then goes on to tell me she doesn’t like what ever it is that I’ve made.  And perhaps picks at the obligatory four bites (because she is four years old) only to ask “Am I done now?”  Umm.. no those were not bites, one pea or grain of rice stuck to your fork does not constitute a bite!!!  We start dinner at 6:30 and I generally give up by 7:30 I hate sitting around while she stalls.  It drives me crazy, stop talking, and eat already, just eat, I’ll stop yelling if you just eat, why must we do this each night?  Elijah is not any better and he’s better at refusing even a single bite.  He whimpers and moans, and them moves on to screaming. It does not matter if it’s the favorite meal we had last week, it does not matter if it’s a food he really likes, he will not put it in his mouth.  Perhaps even more obnoxious is the fact that he’s gone back to shrieking, so our dinner is generally not a time of family conversation and togetherness, but of shrieking and stalling.  I’d be lying if I said Natalia isn’t picking up on it.

I also am generally disappointed because of the time and effort I put into making our meals family friendly, that means everyone eats the same thing.  Take for instance tonight’s dinner of noodles with meat sauce and cheese.  Pretty normal fare, pretty kid friendly fare.  Except I buy Gluten free noodles, generally 3-4 dollars a bag half the size as your average 99cent box of Prince pasta.  Organic tomato sauce, obviously a little more, and casein free cheese about 5 times the price of  your average mozerella.  Petra perhaps ate a 1/4 cup with a ton of prodding tonight, and Elijah, well he manages to choke down one noodle gagging the whole time.  I hate to be a bitch about price because yes after all I choose to pay it, and make it for our whole family, but come on!  We bought the cheapest garbage can they had at Wal*Mart and we feed it money everyday in the form of fantastic food!

Ohh I’m so irratated!


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  1. So what are your options? My non-parent advice and what my parents did with me from what they’ve told me is don’t give them the attention they are looking for by them doing the mouse size bites, the talking, the shreeking, etc… Kids know that food goes in and makes you full and not hungry anymore. What about just letting them go hungry and saying sorry Dinner was an hour ago and you didn’t eat. Will it be hard? Sure but I bet they learn really quick that they need to start eating otherwise there won’t be food. Sorry for my ignorance and I’m sure I’ll experience this in a few years myself 🙂 hehe but that’s just what I would think would work and I know just talking to Lindsay a few minuntes ago about this that’s probably what we would try. Will it work? Maybe yes maybe no, but at least I’ll try it.

    When we come down there just make food for them and i’ll eat the left overs. I’ll be your “garbage can” so to speak lol.

  2. I hated supper time for a long time. I feel your pain.

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