living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living

So we left Chicago on the 19th of June.  Can that even be right?  I think it is.  When moving, to avoid the astronomical cost of moving, we gave away or sold anything big or heavy that we just didn’t use anymore.  Such as our dinning room table.  It  seated 6, but we only had four chairs, so we had a mismash of chairs around the table, since out family this side of heaven is about to be 6 people big (God willing) a new table was in order.  One without fabric covered chairs preferably. So we bought a big farm table that seats twelve.  It’s great, our family will fit around it, and should we have another family over for dinner we’ll all fit.  We only bought 10 chairs, but two mismatched chairs when we have company is fine by me.

The other thing we hum and hawed about was our mattress. It was a handmedown-handmedown perhaps bought as early as the late 70’s.  And since in the Chicago house we had a twist in the stairs Kyle had to saw the boxspring in half , and reassemble it upstairs so it would go up.  The mattress had a terrible sag that caused us to roll together and the frankenboxspring creaked loudly if you moved even the slightest bit.  Last Christmas Kyle got so tired of the feeling of  the pokey springs he used his Christmas money, not for the latest techno gadget, but for a memory foam topper for our bed.

Kyle being the kind of guy he is about money was somewhat reluctant about leaving the mattress, I was sure I wanted a new one.  Finally he agreed that it was a good idea not to pay to move our old mattress.  YAY!  First thing we did upon our second arrival to Saskatoon was order a mattress.  It was the first time we bought ourselves a mattress.  I got to pick out my mattress, not based on price, but on how much I liked it.  Well there were a few mattresses we didn’t dare even get on.  We’re not the types who can spend 3500 on a new mattress.  I convinced kyle to buy a bed slightly softer then he liked, but it was heaven.

Because we have a twist in the stairs at the farm house we didn’t dare buy a queen boxspring, we bought a split, only problem it was going to be a week and a half to wait for the split.  Ughh, no bed since the 19th. I’ve been sleeping on cold air mattresses and hard hotel beds, and now I was going to have to sleep on the floor ’till my new mattress arrived.  Luckily the truck with all our belongings arrived on the 3rd, and so we’ve been sleeping on the foam topper on the floor.  It was better, but not great.

This morning the phone woke us up.  The delivery guys had us first on the list my new bed was coming !!!  Our bed rails are the type that hold just the edges of the boxspring.  I wondered if the split would mean that it would not be supported in the middle, but Kyle assured me the they were split widthwise, not lengthwise.  Turns out I was right, so we disassembled the bed and set the box and mattress on the floor.  Kyle has some grand plan to support the bed at the farmhouse on the rails.

But after so long waiting. I’m just looking forward to a few nights of good sleep.  If the nap I had today is any indication, this was a great investment.  I love how comfortable it is, it just melts around me.  Nice!


Comments on: "Like sleeping on a cloud" (2)

  1. Sounds divine! I think that there are few things like a good sleep or being surrounded by silence that do a mom’s soul good.

  2. I am quite surprised where you bought it from didn’t give you the correct rails. I’d call them.

    On another note you can count us IN for the September long weekend:)

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