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Okay so I used red as the anti-Green colour simply because it is the opposite of green.  I have so much to blog about our anniversary date, Natalia’s birthday and Elijah’s move into real underwear, but as I was gardening today this came to mind.

Sometime ago in the green movement it was said that it was ecologically unsound and very un-Green of you to have more than one child, that somehow reduce, reuse, recycle was applicable to children too.  The true Greenies will let you have more than one kid if you adopt, preferably internationally from a third world country, I’m not sure if this is reuse or recycle, reuse I guess, I’d hate to think of how we would recycle kids.  Actually the above is probably not true, the true Greenies will likely never have kids for fear that they might undo all of his/her good work.

So when people, may I ask, did the planet become more important that the people inhabiting it?  Should we encourage people to take drastic measures if their carbon footprint is above a certain level?  Don’t get me wrong I love our planet, and I am thoroughly disgusted at is abuse, I recycle, try and limit my purchases, hang my laundry outside to dry, and I unfortunately shower less than I’d like cause I often run out of time in the day, and sleep outrules dirty.  But I fail to see how my creating life, and life is beautiful, as a point that some feel they ought to use against me, to accuse me even, as being irresponsible.  If I have five kids who I teach to be good environmental stewards, and you have one who isn’t, don’t I win?

The point was recently brought to my attention that large families living on modest means are likely more sound environmentally unintentionally, by not having the extra money, lights have to be turned off when you’re not using them, clothes are bought second hand or simply passed down until the print on the t-shirt is so obscured by stains that one can no longer determine what it was, car pooling is a must, and food is not wasted, but rather made into that yummy leftover casserole every Friday night.  These things aren’t done solely to be green, but rather as a means to stretch a dollar.

The whole thing leaves me feeling like I no longer want to be apart of the Green movement, sometime ago I heard that some people where trying to make Blue the new Green because it’s the colour of the sky and the colour of our planet as observed from space. I sure hope that the Blue movement has room for my kids, so I can be Blue.  I also hope that the Blue movement will be about more than the finger pointing that some Greens are doing.


Comments on: "Is finding yourself pregnant more than once RED?" (3)

  1. I believe the anti-green color would be brown, like dead plants. Except, dead plants are a good carbon sink which is definitely a green thing to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. I guess it would be the color of dead plants which have then been burned to return the CO2 to the air, you might say that was black, except that is also from carbon left behind. If you burn it just right and use up as much oxygen as possible you are left with that fine, powdery white ash. So the anti-green color must be white. Yep, blame whitey for all your problems, same as always.

  2. Well, in the GREEN Lantern comics, their opposite color is YELLOW, so you could always go with that too.

    Funny thing about Green Lantern, his whole deal is controlling fear (Yellow is the color of fear) with willpower (green). And there sure is a lot of fear wrapped up in the “Green Movement.” So much is a reaction against the knowledge that we’ve likely taken the planet past the ecological breaking point, but no one is exactly sure how far. Trying to fully comprehend that leaves even the best of us running away in terror, wanting to do something, but really.. what?

    My own philosophy is to not intentionally have more than two children. Should fate intervene and give us triplets, well that’s okay. And I don’t begrudge anyone for making a different decision. Life is a beautiful thing, as is creating it.

    But worldwide, there’s enough homo sapiens, in my opinion. It’s the carrying capacity of Earth that I fear. I fear the supporting organisms are being severely threatened. I don’t fear the extinction of life. Something will survive, even if us humans die out. Or just most of the ecosystem. We’re clever monkeys, perhaps we’ll live on the moon with eco-rations made out of sunlight and rainbows, it would just be a lot nice if we had a few other species around to keep us company.

    But I believe life will survive. And where there is life, there’s hope.

    And hope is a beautiful thing, as is creating it.

  3. I like this post very much, Erron. I have the same concerns with the Green Movement but my concerns run deeper than this.

    Any time you attach yourself to a movement, you are restricting your freedom. You need to be constantly polling yourself against some virtual laundry-list of requirements that are based on something that someone wrote down.

    “If I wash in warm water, am I still Green?”

    “If I drive to work instead of biking when it rains, am I still Green?”

    My feeling is this: What you need to concern yourself with is maintaining a conscientious view of your actions and the things in your control and make sure that what you choose is the best for your family (including those far enough in the future to be concerned with the results of global warming and all that). Can you look at yourself in the mirror at night with what you’ve done during the day? That’s green enough for me.

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