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nothing/somethings new

I haven’t had much to write about lately, so I guess I’ll just update you all on the mundane.  My headaches are somewhat better, not gone, still daily, but better.  Hopefully the neurologist will have some insights/cure.

We’ve fished building our patio and gazebo out back so now I have a wonderful space to sit and  relax, we can’t wait for you to come visit so we can share it.  I’ve also been gardening up a storm this year, and I find I quite like it.

Elijah is doing better some days, worse others. He is a full emotion package,  Hopefully we can get him enrolled into a speech therapy integrated preschool.  But we have to wait until august to have him evaluated and the developmental pediatrician our regular peds doc sent us to isn’t taking appointments until October.  So it feels a bit like were sitting on our hands.

Kyle and I’s 10th anniversary is just around the corner.  I had hoped to take a trip with him just the two of us to get away and reconnect, but he didn’t want to leave the kids, so I think we’ll just have an evening out.  It feels like a lifetime ago we were married not just ten years.  And in many ways it was a lifetime ago a different life.  How I ever got so lucky as to find ‘the one” I’ll never know, but he changed me in so many wonderful ways it’s hard to imagine I ever had a life without him.  He drives me crazy because were such different people, but I love him to an endless depth and he makes me better for it.  And it doesn’t hurt that he helped to create four of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever had the chance to hold, and most of them are becoming such delightful little people.

Natalia is about to turn one and baby fever is starting to set in again.  She’s amazing, she’s been walking for months and is starting to talk already.  She loves her brother and sister like crazy always traipsing after them and such.  Natalia really does seem more like a toddler than a baby.

I miss not being at home a lot, but were having a great time here, too bad Kyle is about to start work again soon.

MISS you ALL terribly can’t wait to see and embrace you again.



Comments on: "nothing/somethings new" (2)

  1. 10 years! wow, that’s crazy. I can’t wait until I hit my 10 year mark with Lindsay and then the years to follow. You guys have an amazing family and I can’t wait until my family grows to be a family like yours! 🙂

    You guys should really revisit that travel away together to reconnect idea. 10 years should be celebrated and is surely worth more then a night out. You guys have been through so much in 10 years and a trip would be a great way to reconnect. I always love traveling with Lindsay and it is always a great way to reconnect, to get away.

    We miss you guys quite a bit and do hope to see you at some point

  2. 10 years! Good grief. Well, congratulations are certainly in order to you guys.

    Oh, and on behalf of both Atti and myself, you’re welcome. 🙂

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