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When in Rome

What does a quintet of Canadians do on the 4th of July? Why don our red white and blues and join the festivities.  The 4th started first thing in the morning with firecrackers randomly going off throughout the neighbourhood all day.  We worked on the Patio and played in the yard, we had Dominos for lunch and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, adding to the very noticeable smell of outdoor cooking to our neighbourhood.

We waited until after dinner to tell the kids about staying up past bedtime and watching the fireworks as we would have been hounded with the question “are we going to fire works da-mom?”  all day otherwise.  Da-Mom is Petra’s confused name for us. Sometimes while talking to Kyle or I, and she’s not sure who she’s talking to you get a bit of both, Ma-Dad is Kyles name.

After dinner we put on their tee shirts and Natalia’s dress and got ready to go see the fireworks.  The kids shirts have a silhouette of the USA done in an aged stars and stripes and was printed Faded Glory 2008 in text underneath, which Kyle took an ironic pleasure in.  We opted to go to a local suburb for the fireworks they had planned, as the city of Chicago was planing on 1.2 million viewers in Grant Park downtown.  No thank you, not for us this year. Oaklawn’s show was amazing, nearly as good as Edmonton’s downtown show.

While waiting for dusk in the high school football field they had a band playing music and the kids ran around.  By this point the fire crackers and random fireworks from houses in the neighbourhood began to roar.  The Show was amazing!  It was more entertaining I think to watch Elijah’s face light up, as he echoed Boom after each one giggling. Natalia sat in her stroller trying to reach up to grab the sparkles, and Petra at their greatest intensity looked away and nuzzled into Kyle’s chest a bit afraid.  After it was all done we drove home, and to our amazement everywhere we looked fireworks from every neighbourhood lit up the sky it was non stop!  People were setting off mini shows in the streets nearly as good as the one we had just come from.  When we got home we layed our sleeping and very sleepy kids to bed with no complaints, and listened to the bewildering number of firecrackers and fireworks that continued to be lit.  When Kyle and I when to bed at midnight there was no sign of it stopping just yet, and so we fell asleep to the sound of fireworks bursting above us


The Best of the bunch to check out Elijahs reluctance of having his photo taken visit my Faceook

The best of the bunch to check out Elijah


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  1. Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July!!!!

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