living after the death of a baby, living with Autism, living as a family of six, living on our organic homestead, living miserably, hopefully, and with joy, and somedays just living

So off I went to the doctor’s again to find out about my brain.  For those of you who may not know, I have been suffering debilitating headaches since May, and they are now at the point where they don’t go away.  Yes that’s right, the nausea and vertigo inducing headaches no longer cease, I wake with it, and try to fall asleep to it’s throbbings.  As a positive side affect though, I am losing weigh since eating is far from my mind at any given moment, and nothing seems appealing.

My CT scan came back normal, Praise God!  So now I’m off to the neurologist, it should be a pleasent way to spend my 10th anniversary, I think, since my apointment is on the 24th.

Until then I have started Paxil to help alleviate these chronic headaches.  Which should really be no big deal right?  But I feel strange about it. I have been though many bouts of depression in my life, some bad ,some mild, and worked it through without chemical help.  When Kate died I worked hard with two support groups, my Dr., and a personal grief therapist to make it thorough without the use of antidepressants.  I have no real reason to feel so adverse to them, I don’t view their users as weak, many people I love have or are using them. I guess I’m just reserved, worried perhaps, that I will feel better overall if I take them proving that I’m not as strong or willfully happy as I think.

And then there are the nursing concerns.  I am so happily a nursing mom that I’m not really ready to stop, and yet I certainly don’t want my baby ingesting any brain function altering drugs.  Supposedly this is a safe one, and I can still nurse, yet I’m cautious.

So all in all it’s good news, we may have found the answer in taking this new drug, we just have to wait a few weeks.  Hey, what’s a few weeks more anyway? And my CT is normal so I can stop worring about all the things those of you who know me well can imagine I was playing through my already painful head.


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  1. Well, glad to hear that the scans have come back normal. Do they have some idea of what MIGHT be wrong, or are they just guessing, and throwing pills in the general direction of the problem?

  2. Since Erron’s busy I’ll reply. They’ve tried her on 2 different migraine medications which did nothing for her headaches but did give her woozy and tingly side effects. Oh, and did I mention one of the meds was $10 a pill? So if a migraine medication isn’t working we thought, “Hey, maybe they’re not migraines.” Of course the Dr. hadn’t gotten that far yet so I looked up some common types of chronic headaches and read the descriptions to Erron and she said her pain sounded most like the chronic stress headaches. The treatment for these is a preventative one which is serotonin modulators, aka antidepressants. So she’s now trying it out and since they don’t work overnight we’ll probably have to wait a month to see if they make any real progress. That month will at least be put to use since her appointment with a neurologist is a month away.

  3. Sorry Cliff, I’m so techno unsavy I wasn’t sure if I could reply to you or if I had to make another comment. The migraine medication was making me crazy. Really the immitrex (which by the way isn’t 10$ a pill, but more like 28 bucks a pill, good thing our insurance brought that down to 6 bucks) made me dizzy, tingly and constricted my throat. Party in a pill! The medication I’m on now seemed to be working, but the last few days it seems to not be, so who knows. As for your throwing pills in a general direction, yes, the more I see doctors the more I realize how much its all just a guess, trial and error, unless you go in presenting something concrete ie. a broken arm gets a cast. As for what drug they guess with, well, I think that has something to do with which rep they like best. Mostly for my sanity and my family (who as to live with me) it would be nice to have it controlled by the time Ky’s back at school full time.

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