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When did I become the parent of a Pre-schooler?  When did I stop referring to Petra and Elijah as babies, I think I still did last year, and now it would seem absurd to refer to them as babies, not to mention the scolding I would receive from them if I did.  I still feel like a new mom. weird.

We had a Pediatricians appointment yesterday and Petra answered the doctors questions herself, she didn’t cry when I told her she needed an immunization, nor when he stuck her with the needle.  And today when I dropped her off at pre-school not a tear was shed.  In fact she wouldn’t even look up for a picture.  She is very independent, yet still sticks close to her Mama as she has started to refer to me as.

We weren’t sure if we were going to even do pre-school as Elijah is not ready and I wasn’t sure that pre-school was even healthy for them.  Why ship them off to school at 3, shouldn’t I let them just be a kid?  After all kindergarten, the once thought of beginning of ones school journey, is still 2 years away.  But after thinking of setting her up for ballet we found this great pre-Art School which is exactly what I think pre-school should be.  They learn about drawing, painting, arts and crafts as well as acting, singing and dancing.  No pressure to connect the dots or recognize the alphabet, no tests or progress to track just two hours twice a week learning about how to express yourself creatively.  Great!  I did have a modicum of guilt not signing Elijah up too, but it’s not fair to hold her back or force him into an environment that he’ll fail in.

The great part is that it’s during Natalias nap, so that gives Kyle and I two full hours to just spend with Elijah.  Today we built a cardbaord car and painted it, we painted a clay dog and cat, built an alphabet puzzle, strung beads, and went for a trcycle ride.  Just Kyle and I completely focused on Elijah.  So I think until we can get his speech and occupational therapy sorted out we’re doing what he needs, focused attention.  So far the day has been really good, now if only I could turn down this headache.


Comments on: "Pre-Schooled" (2)

  1. It sounds like you had a very nice day. I’m happy that Petra is able to experience her new preschool and her independance. I’m sure that Eliah was elated to have the time with you and Kyle alone. Now what about the headaches……any test results? Next step?

  2. I wonder if I’ll have to un-friend you for putting your kids in the system. 🙂

    It sounds like Petra had a fabulous time and Elijah is so lucky to have some alone time with you guys. Hopefully the extra attention will help him out so that things will be a bit easier for all of you.

    It was fabulous talking with you tonight by the way. The only cruddy part is being reminded of how much I miss you! I guess that will just have to spur me on to phone you more often.

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